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Are you a melanin rich person that loves, values and respects the beauty of melanin in their romantic partner? If you answered yes and yes, this is the site for you.

Welcome to The home of black online dating.  

This site is the fruition of multiple conversations and observations going back more than two decades.

We are committed to connecting our kings and queens from Africa and the diaspora community. This includes the Caribbean, The Americas, Europe and the rest of the world.

Black love is a beautiful thing. This platform is an expression of that.

Our aim is to connect you with individuals with a similar mindset when it comes to dating and in many cases, lifestyle.

We encourage individual and community growth through dating and networking.

Blaqlinq aims to immerse you in a passionate, engaging, respectful and enriching dating experience like no other. 

However you mutually decide you want to ‘linq,’ be it romantically or otherwise, we have developed a community that would benefit from your positive input and engagement. 

We believe in simplicity and transparency. With that in mind, we invite you to join our growing community by following the simple sign up process.

Black girl magic is very real 😉



Plantain vs Plantain
Plantain vs Plantain This seeming simple question has often been the topic of several shall we say, animated, conversations. Depending on which household, restaurant or network you happen to be in, you might get a very different answer. So, what is the ‘correct’ way to pronounce this delicious food? ‘Plant-in’ or ‘plan-tain’ Now, some of […]
Jollof Rice Survey
Who Makes The Best Jollof Rice? We are not trying to start any kind of war but we have to try and set the record straight. Who makes the best jollof rice? The question is simple, the implications are not. You might be cooking for him or her one day soon so this information could […]
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be black to use this site? Yes. We are not trying to alienate other races, but this site is designed and aimed specifically at black men and women from around the world.  It doesn’t matter where you live. How much will I have to pay? If all you want to do […]

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