Plantain vs Plantain This seeming simple question has often been the topic of several shall we say, animated, conversations. Depending on which household, restaurant or network you happen to be in, you might get a very different answer. So, what is the ‘correct’ way to pronounce this delicious food? ‘Plant-in’ or ‘plan-tain’ Now, some of […]
Who Makes The Best Jollof Rice? We are not trying to start any kind of war but we have to try and set the record straight. Who makes the best jollof rice? The question is simple, the implications are not. You might be cooking for him or her one day soon so this information could […]
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Do I have to be black to use this site? Yes. We are not trying to alienate other races, but this site is designed and aimed specifically at black men and women from around the world.  It doesn’t matter where you live. How much will I have to pay? If all you want to do […]

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